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I'm Jainee.

A former colleague called me a "meaning miner", and I thought that was a really great compliment. As a writer and strategist, I waste no time in getting to the heart of things. A career history in media, communications, and social entrepreneurship have defined my ability to take unformed or complex ideas and transform them into compelling brands, effective campaigns, and captivating stories. I'm drawn to the power of narrative strategy and coalition-building at the intersection of culture, creativity, and climate. 


Photo: Jo Savage

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what I do

I work with startups, nonprofits, and established businesses to leverage stories as a strategic tool to advance important missions. Effective brand strategy and messaging drive action towards sales initiatives, charitable giving, and mobilizing people towards causes and campaigns worth caring about. My goal is to work alongside founders and teams to build genuine emotional connections that spark a lasting impression with an audience. Having worked in capital strategy and executive leadership, I also offer strategic consulting for founders needing support in the planning, launch, and execution of new brands, re-brands, or high-level initiatives. I operate as a creative partner to tackle hard questions, decide on the path towards growth and success goals, then build structured plans to reverse engineer the outcomes. With a keen eye for design, we'll work together to build effective branding elements that break through the noise and compel your core audience into action. Contact me here to learn how we can work together. 

my story

I'm currently finishing a program in Climate Change and Health at Yale, and hold a B.S. in Digital Media from the Art Institute of Portland. I've always been drawn to storytelling as a powerful medium for systems change, and have worked extensively in the film industry, the creative arts and design world, and as a communications strategist and entrepreneur. I've worked with both large organizations (Nike, Google, Patagonia), and small, community-minded businesses and nonprofits. Throughout my career, I've helped hundreds of people tell their stories with integrity and conviction. 

I've been featured in Outside Magazine, Forbes, Adventure Journal, B the Change Media, and I'm the co-founder of Wylder, the first female-founded benefit corporation in the state of Utah. I've cultivated my entrepreneurial spirit by building three businesses, while also bringing two 501(c)(3) non-profits to life. Speaking at Fast Company's Innovation Festival, Silicon Slopes StartFest, and on numerous leadership panels at Outdoor Retailer were career highlights for me, and I love sharing my own story. I'm captivated by the ever-evolving intersection of creativity, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship, and I've dedicated my career to building and amplifying  organizations tackling inequity, sustainability, and regenerative enterprise.

I love working with artists and entrepreneurs, and I've often marveled at how any of us build resilient businesses, form effective movements, and endeavor to create a more just and sustainable world when failure seems so imminent. I think the real wonder that lies within all humans, found in our very DNA, is the propensity to mess up slightly. To blunder. To mutate. And then, to adapt. Without these attributes, our species would still be anaerobic bacteria, so it's imperative that we confront issues head-on with an adaptive approach in order to truly grow and learn. The most effective rebels and changemakers seem to be those dedicated to constant evolution and continued iteration.  

When not hustling on a project, you'll likely find me attempting to hold a two minute handstand, soaking at my family's hot spring property, or listening to science and philosophy podcasts as I make my way into the wilderness. 

Image by Bleron Salihi

Photo: Tory Treseder


"We called Jainee the "meaning miner". She can sift through complicated, jargon-y language and transform it into inspiring, beautiful prose. Yes, she has superpowers in helping you explain what you do clearly and compellingly. But working with Jainee is not just about clear and compelling language or branding. She elevates your work, finding and creating new value that inspires you and your audience.


Whether you are just starting something, or you're re-designing or upgrading an existing project, Jainee is a dream partner. Trust her to help you with the early stages of a project, to make sense of what you're trying to say. Trust her with taking something that is already off the ground, to bring the best of what you do into focus. Trust her with re-designs or upgrades, brand or product launches, or any project where the experience just has to be perfect. She will bring a magic to anything and anyone she touches. And working with her is just so damn fun."


media & storytelling

I have worked as a Producer, Director, and Coordinator for commercial, documentary, animated, and feature-length films. I've slogged up steep mountains to get that perfect dawn light, ran through swamps and jungles for a documentary in Puerto Rico, and wrangled tiny puppets for the stop-motion film, Coraline. I understand the unique challenges photographers and film crews face and bring over a decade of experience in planning and executing high-integrity work. 


Sashwa Burrous - Filmmaker / DP

Jo Savage - Photographer

Justin Lewis - Filmmaker / DP

Dawn Heumann - Photographer

Krystle Wright - Photographer / Director

Camrin Dengel - Photographer

Alexandra Fuller - Director / Creative Director

Morgan Heim - Photographer

Natalie Gildersleeve - Photographer

Anna Brones - Artist

Abbi & Callen Hearne - Photographers


Photo: Natalie Gildersleeve

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