Jainee Dial is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of WYLDER. She has spent over 14 years as a Digital Media Producer and Creative Strategist on a multitude of projects in film, graphic design, photography and web design for clients like Nike, HP, and Patagonia. Jainee is a natural leader who brings an altruistic, human-centered approach to business through expertise in multidisciplinary design and compelling digital storytelling. She’s a risk-taker and community-builder captivated by the ever-evolving intersection of creativity, mindfulness, activism, and entrepreneurship.


When she’s not hustling in the office, you’ll probably find her attempting to hold a 2-minute handstand, horseback riding, or listening to science and philosophy podcasts while driving to the desert.


First and foremost, Jainee Dial is a storyteller. From a young age she was driven by a wild curiosity for the natural world and the search for meaningful human connection. As a child, Jainee had the freedom to roam her family’s properties in both eastern Utah, and in Wyoming’s Bridger Valley at the base of the Uinta Mountains. These rugged landscapes ignited her passion for adventure and set the tone for her dedication to sharing stories of connection, bravery, and resilience.


Jainee holds a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media Production from the Art Institute of Portland and has worked extensively in the film and media industries on award-winning documentaries, music videos, and commercial productions. Her work has been screened in the Vancouver International Film Festival, The Portland International Film Festival, and many others. Her clients include Nike, HP, and Patagonia, and throughout her career she has helped hundreds of people tell their stories through the art of digital media and web design. 


Jainee has a proven track record of leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2009, she created Nomad Adventures in Wellness, a Portland-based adventure travel company. As the founder of her own creative consultancy, JDial Creative, Jainee has spent over 14 years as a producer and creative director on a multitude of projects in film, graphic design, photography and web design. She has cultivated a reputation of honesty and integrity, and sets a standard for excellence in communication through all of the projects that she tackles. She also brings a background rooted in mindfulness and philosophy to her work. As a certified yoga teacher, Jainee has continually sought a deeper understanding of altruism, emotional intelligence, and the correlation between mindfulness and health. She is a lifelong student of yoga, meditation, and Zen teachings as tools for self-reflection and compassionate living. 


Jainee is also the co-founder of The B-Rad Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to health, adventure, and stewardship created to honor the life of Brad Parker. The foundation has rallied thousands of people in large-scale community beach clean ups and recycling initiatives and has also created rock climbing programs for underserved youth in Sebastopol, Kauai, and Salt Lake City.


She is an avid outdoorswoman with a fierce dedication to conservation, activism, and education. Inspired by her passion for the outdoors and expertise in design and communication, Jainee co-founded WYLDER, a mission-driven marketplace for the modern outdoorswoman. Wylder is also the first female-owned Benefit Corporation in the state of Utah. Wylder's business model provides customers with transparency, education, and was founded on the belief that business can drive social change.


Jainee is inspired by honest, humble folks, and seeks to live by this mantra:


"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."