• Jainee Dial


This photo kind of screams SERENE. But I couldn't relax last night in Moab. I couldn't stop my flow of thoughts about business, logistics, insecurity, money, and pure utter useless crap infesting my brain. I wanted to be free of it so badly and just appreciate the unbelievable landscape. The sun started to sink behind the horizon and I remembered the moments in my life when I've had a solid meditation practice. I cursed myself for being so weak, self-obsessed, and completely unable to tap into the most basic feeling of quietness. 

Wtf is wrong with me?

I walked over to a little side canyon and started to take care of business when my foot slipped into a cactus and the long razor sharp needle sliced right through my shoe piercing my skin. Peeing and bleeding under Corona Arch, completely alone, I was suddenly jolted into presence. Once the pain subsided a little, I started laughing so hard that tears formed in the corners of my eyes. And when I finally stopped laughing at myself, I started to feel the pulse of my heartbeat in the new wound, blood seeping out into a little pool around it on my pee-stained sock. 

The landscape darkened and all went quiet as I smiled to myself at the